Specially Produced Conveyor Chains


Conveyor chains are used to transport loads and bulk goods.

As Makelsan Chain, we offer a wide range of conveyor chains for different purposes. Most conveyor chains used in the industry are not standard chains, therefore, as Makelsan Chain, we offer conveyor chains that are specially produced according to customer specifications.

Fixed bush conveyor chains are often used for conveying tasks involving long distances and relatively low speeds. Rotary Api chains for heavy-duty applications feature crank links for greater flexibility and improved cushioning against heavy impacts.

No other chain type is as versatile as conveyor chains and our product range reflects this versatility. Bucket conveyor chains, roller conveyor chains, hollow pin chains, scraper chains, special conveyor chains and rotary chains for the paper industry are some of the conveyor chains we produce. Our chain assortment also includes conveyor chains with a wide variety of custom straight, curved or U-shaped attachments and much more.


Conveyor Chain Types

FV series ( DIN 8165 ) scraper chains, M series ( DIN 8167 ) scraper chains, Rotary Api chains, long pitch FVT and MT series chains are conveyor chains in our production in different varieties.

Scraper-flight conveyor chains are chains used in various fields such as iron, steel, coal and mining industry, grain silos, sand quarries, feed, pasta, flour industry, in order to carry the load to be carried over long distances by sweeping method. It generally works by attaching UHMW (PE1000 / PE500 / PE300) or POM (DELRİN) material to the scraper flights of the chain.

To examine the examples of the conveyor chains we produce and for more detailed information you can review the “MAKELSAN SPECIAL CHAIN CATALOGUE“.