We always intend the ``best``.

We started our manufacturing activities with agricultural machinery and transmission chains in 1980. For over 35 years, we are serving to leading companies in Turkey from various industries such as steel, cement, mining, paper, automotive, food, milling and wood. Our expertise led us to add made to order conveyors and conveyor chains, conveyor equipments and sprockets to our product categories.

We provide ultimate and flexible solutions to various industries with our wide product range by following international norms and standards of chain sector.

We are still developing our process in order to present better and more rapid products and services. Therefore we have expanded our facility and manufacturing capacity.

We have positioned ourproduction, export and after sales services in Izmir. It is crutial that we work on-time base for customer satisfaction.

Since domestic production is highly significant, we add value to export activities by building strong relations with our international customers.

We always target “the best”…

We value “human” so we take demands as our road map

We invest on production so r&d is our power source

We take care of quality and customer satisfaction so being the right business partner is our differentiation

We aim to apply effective management and efficient work through  having the correct growth plan, being the leader of the industry by manufacturing high quality products and become a worldwide known company.

, About Us, Makelsan Chain
, About Us, Makelsan Chain