Raw Material Analysis:

As Makelsan Chain, we use many metal inputs such as steel shaft, steel coils, sheet metal, lathes according to the product to be produced. In order to meet the expectations of our customers in the most accurate way, we are choosing the right raw material and analyzing and testing the raw materials in the stage of supplying the materials and presenting them to our customers.

Mold Preparation:

Mold production is the most important and sensitive part of our work. After machining our molds with CNC lathe, milling, wire erosion, we are heat treated and ready to use and stockpiled. We have more than 3000 molds in our factory.

Our main goal in mold production is to make the operation time and step as short as possible. For this reason, our mold improvement process is continuously going on.

Production Preparation:

As a result of negotiations with our customers, we make technical drawings of chains and sprockets together with our suggestions to obtain the approval of our customers according to the technical drawings or samples given  us, taking into account the working conditions and the materials being carried. After the technical drawings are approved, we start manufacturing.


Depending on the approved product, we make bush, spool, pin and link cuts. In special production to achieve even the most delicate tolerances we apply laser cutting.

Heat Treatment:

We heat-treat the cut pieces to obtain the desired hardness values according to the product specifications. Rotary type, continuous hardening, tempering furnace in various ovens in different processes and harden to the desired degree of hardness and then temper.
(cementation, tempering, tempering, breeding) …..


After the heat treatment is completed, the links, bushing, pins and sprockets are mounted on the assembly line and the chain is assembled. After the riveting process, the chain is ready to be delivered.

Quality control:

We apply the following QC steps to all our chains;

  • Breaking load
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Hardness measurement
  • Crack control.