You are dependent on your equipment, and you need to know that your equipment will be ready to go when you are. There are a number of challenges for agricultural machinery chain applications, such as:

  • High shock load applications, such as loading/unloading materials like hay bales
  • Dirt and dust gumming up the works
  • Excessive use raising the temperature of parts and placing them under additional stress
  • Rapid temperature changes; extreme heat and cold
  • Ongoing wet conditions

Since these chains are constantly in contact with atmospheric agents, soil, stones, impact and tearing they must present considerable characteristics of resistance to wear and tear and to oxidation.

Upon request, they can be produced in a zinc-plated version which gives a reasonable protection against oxidation.


Examples of agricultural chains ;


  • Attachments for harvesters machines
  • Attachments for elevator
  • Attachments for LV chains
  • American agricultural standard
  • Thicker type with straight sideplates
  • Chains with special sidebar
  • Agricultural chains – tm attachments
  • Chains for croop fodder machines
  • Chains with attachments
  • Double pitch chains (ISO & ANSI)
  • Corn picker chain
  • Hollow pin chains for agricultural conveyors
  • Hollow pins conveyors chains – 12 and 31 series
  • Roller chains – single strand (ISO and ANSI)


Popular applications for agricultural chains are:

  • Combine Harvesters
  • Vegetable Grading Conveyors
  • Grain-Elevators
  • Round Balers
  • Circular Bale Unrollers
  • Back-Fee Hoppers
  • Box Scrapers
  • Fruit Packing Conveyors


MAKELSAN CHAIN also offers a wide range of agricultural machinery chain products for various  applications;

These chains are ;


  • Elevator chains
  • Scraper chains
  • Gathering chains
  • Corn harvester chains
  • Bucket elevator chains
  • Rough conveyor chains
  • Leaf chains



Attachments are commonly used for agricultural roller chains, so we keep a full line of attachment links in our product range. We can also supply a complete assembly with the chain and attachments already attached.


You can review the “MAKELSAN SPECIAL CHAIN CATALOG” for more detailed information and to examine the examples of the agricultural chains we produce.