Galle chains that we produce as Makelsan Chain are used as load chains for high forces at low speed. Although they have a low wear resistance and low stability due to transverse stiffness, they are more resistant to deformation than roller chains and have a relatively higher breaking strength.

Regarding the specific structure design of Galle chains, it is used for industrial applications where it is necessary to transmit high tensile force and small circumferential velocity side by side. It is preferred as a heavy load lifting chain in various sectors such as iron and steel and such, because it is suitable for working conditions in heavy conditions that require high strength.

Usage Areas Of Galle Chain

Galle chain is normally used for very slow moving lifting applications. For example, it is used in large flood water control sluice gates. It is mainly used in wire and pipe drawing plants due to its hardened steel bushings and hardened pin surfaces.

Chain speeds of up to 1 m/second are permissible. The chain can be riveted or detachable. Surface coatings such as zinc can be added.

Advantages of Galle Chains

Galle chains provide a lower cost / power ratio compared to other types of chains.

As Makelsan Chain, we specially design and manufacture GALLE chains depending on the needs and demands of our customers.

Besides different designs, it can be produced in a variety of materials such as steel, zinc-plated steel or stainless steel.

You can review the “MAKELSAN SPECIAL CHAIN CATALOG” to examine the examples of the gall chains we produce and for more detailed information.