Side bow chains are often used as conveyor or drag chains in applications that require bending and turning.

Chains can have different arc radii. As a rule, these chains have a smaller pin diameter, but tapered pins or double tapered bushings are also possible.

Side Bow Chains

Side bow chains can be used with standard sprockets. Depending on the application, side bow chains can be supplied with special lubricants or special coatings, or they can be varied with bent attachments, flat plastic conveyor plates or extended pins.

Accumulation chains are also available in side bow versions.

Side bow chains are used in a wide variety of applications,

Some examples of their use are; conveyor technology, cleaning technology and industrial laundries, high-temperature plant environments, the textile industry, the packaging industry, logistics systems and the food and beverage industry.

You can review the “MAKELSAN SPECIAL CHAIN CATALOG” for more detailed information and to examine the examples of side bow chains we produce.