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Industrial chains, sprockets and accessories from Makelsan | Makelsan Chains and Conveyor Equipments

As Makelsan Chain we are expertised in manufacturing of made to order chains and sprockets. By the demand of some sectors involving transporting system, we added conveyors and conveyor equipments sales to our product range. Providing the rapid and best qualified solutions is our priority. For over 40 years ,as a family business, we value the family concept and we have been building long lasting relations. With the technological developments and innovative point of view we  are carrying and transforming our values to generations. Makelsan, chain, sprockets, conveyor and conveyor parts production areas and the firm's corporate website with the extension

Industry Solutions

Big things rely on small details...
Our most powerful business partners are those that serve for basic needs like construction.
Water Treatment
Creating safe and clean water resources is the first mission of the growing technology.
Wood Industry
Trees are our oxygen source and we take care of their lives. We work to prevent any possible mistake on production process which may lead to a loss of another tree.
Mine & Quarries
We help to cultivate our natural resources for the richness of our lands.
Steel Industry
We are responsible for the transmission and endurance of steel.
Milling & Silos
As wheat and flour are the bases of nutrition chain, we complete the chain circle of the milling industry.
Machine and Plant Engineering
Chains and conveyor equipments are the keystones of machine and plant engineering.
Paper Industry
There is a huge percentage on transmission of paper as well as its production.
Automotive Industry
Our role is to optimize the process of automotive manufacturing.
Food Industry
A healthy body rely upon right nutrition and correct food processing.
Recycling and Waste Storage
Waste management is a crutial topic for environment protection and economic development for many corporations like us.
We play a big role on the growth of our country's rich soil.




As Makelsan Chain, we produce high precision made to order chains for the needs of different sectors for all special applications. We launch our products with our brand "MKS Chain". In addition to our products range based on a sample or technical drawing , we also make new designs and produce as a result of our consultation with our customers.



Sprockets are one of the most important elements determining the life and the ability of the chain system. For this reason, as Makelsan Chain we also produce sprockets that correspond to all the chains in our production portfolio so that the system can operate correctly. We tailor our products according to the samples or technical drawings our customers send us according to their needs.

Conveyor Equipments

Conveyor Equipments

In applications requiring chain use, the PE1000 (UHMW1000) guides and profiles eliminate friction and noise. For this reason, we provide our customers; PE1000 chain guides and friction profiles that have; high abrasion resistance. We can also work on PE1000 chain guides and friction profiles based on technical drawings or samples.

All Kinds of Chains for Your Needs

Makelsan Zincir Endüstriyel Ürünler San. Tic. A.Ş

As Makelsan Chain our aim is to manufacture safe, durable, longlasting products to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as creating new solutions for customer/client changing/renewed demands and expectations.

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